Spotify ✦ SoundBetter


Transactional Email Refresh

I was part of the Spotify SoundBetter team during my summer internship. I got
the opportunity to scrutinze the current email system and design a new modular
template system for transactional emails. These efforts were to improve the communication between users and the platform ,and to visually align with Spotify.

SoundBetter is a two sided marketplace for musicians and artists to make 
music and create a community. Since the SoundBetter’s acquisition by Spotify
in 2019, the team has been working to overhaul the design and user experience.

With this direction towards leveraging with Spotify and modernizing the brand,
the Transactional Email Design Refresh project had a crucial business
growth potential.

👩🏻‍💻 Role: Product Design Intern
⚡️ Team: SoundBetter
🗓 Duration: 3 Months
🛠 Deliverables: Current email flow audit, Modular email template system

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