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Understanding the competitive landscape

What is the marketing strategy in today’s music industry?
How does the fan engagement culture look like?

Competitive analysis

Third party pre-saves

Many artists are currently using third party pre-save tools to generate pre-save links on various DSPs through API. Although this is their best solution to build momentum for the upcoming release through pre-saves, these links leave no room for artists to share valuable content and connect with fans.

From the analysis, a lot of the third party tools had limited free tier features, and the value of paid tools were driven by additional data, pre-save features, and marketing tools.

Current alternatives

Social media

Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are popular destinations for artists to post updates of their releases, and fans to engage with their music. However, this interaction feels disconnected to the actual music, missing the opportunity for artists to translate the engagement into streams, and for fans to put a face to the music.