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User Personas
To sympathize better with how different users might use this feature, we created two user personas. We took it from two different perspectives: Nikkie as a host, who hosts a lot of events and giveaways for her over million followers, and Gregory as a browser, using the feature to discover events around him.

Wireframes Basic wireframe sketches showing the two key features user flows: Browse and Hosting. Annotations added for micro interactions and better understand for user testing.
Usability Testing | Findings Using interactive prototype, we conducted usability testings to find what needs to be improved. Our group made a list of questions and recorded users’ performance as they followed through the prototype. The questions covered both browsing and hosting navigations, and ranged from identifying the new icon, to testing users’ engagement with the new feature.

Link to full Usability Test Data Log ︎

Images Shown:
1/7 - 6/7: Browsing Questions
7/7: Hosting Question

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